What is SecuSearch Pro 3?

SecuSearch Pro 3 is a one-to-many (1:N) matching engine for ultra-fast identification of matching fingerprint templates amongst a large database of up to 2 million templates.


  • To identify registered users without requiring any other identifying information such as a username, RFID card, member ID etc. Examples include time and attendance systems, member management systems, access control systems etc.
  • To identify unknown individuals by matching fingerprints against a fingerprint database. Examples include searches for missing children and criminal investigations.



  • Built for Scale: Supports up to 2 Million templates in the database
  • Ultra-Fast: 500K matches / second on a PC vs. 5K / second for a 1:1 matcher in a loop
  • Free Testinge: Free usage for up to 1000 templates



  • Register user to database
  • Identify a fingerprint in the database based on a preset confidence level
  • Search for a list of closest matches along with their confidence levels
  • Manage fingerprint templates in the database


System Requirements

  • Fingerprint Scanners: The system can be built with any fingerprint scanner / extractor that generates standard ISO templates.
  • System Hardware: SecuSearch has to run on Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz processor or higher. 64-bit machines are recommended as 32-bit machines have a limitation of 2GB of RAM resulting in a maximum database of 100,000 templates.
  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 Standard / 2012 R2
  • Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • Language Interface: C/C++, .NET
  • Memory Requirement: Depends on the number of templates in the database.

For 64 bit machines

Templates8 Threads24 Threads64 Threads
100,0002.5 GB4.1 GB6.7 GB
500,0006.3 GB9.6 GB14.8 GB
1,000,00010.7 GB14.7 GB21.7 GB
1,500,00014.7 GB19.3 GB27.4 GB
2,000,00018.7 GB23.6 GB32.6 GB

For 32 bit machines

Templates4 Threads8 Threads
10,000368 MB474 MB
50,000924 MB1.22 GB
75,0001.19 GB1.53 GB
100,0001.41 GB1.82 GB



The SDK is free to use for evaluation, development and testing with up to 1000 templates. For usage beyond 1000 templates, a paid license is required.

We charge a one-time license fee per server on which SecuSearch Pro 3 is deployed. The license fee is based on a tiered structure depending on the size of your template database.

We also recommend that you avail of an AMC at 20% of the one-time license fee per year for support and updates to ensure compatibility with future OS upgrades.

Please contact the SecuGen India sales team for the free evaluation version and pricing details.


Support (applicable if AMC is purchased)

  • Support over email – response within 2 working days
  • Updates to ensure compatibility with newer versions of Windows
  • Newer releases and bug fixes if any