SecuGen Corporation:

SecuGen Corporation is the world’s leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms. SecuGen has been serving the global biometrics industry since 1998 and strives to provide its customers with the highest quality products and service through continuous research & development and dedicated technical support.

SecuGen’s core technologies include patented SEIR-based fingerprint sensors with 500 dpi resolution and proprietary extraction and matching algorithms. Known for their extreme durability, accuracy and support for a wide range of platforms, SecuGen’s fingerprint biometric products include FBI-certified fingerprint sensors and OEM components, developer kits, biometric software, MINEX-tested/NIST-compliant algorithms, and ready-to-use PC peripherals, including the popular Hamster™ brand of USB fingerprint readers.

SecuGen India:

SecuGen India serves all the needs of existing and prospective SecuGen customers in India as well as Sri Lanka and Nepal. This includes sale of all Secugen products such as the Hamster series of USB fingerprint readers, OEM components, PC peripherals etc. All after-sales services and support requirements of customers in India (and Nepal and Sri Lanka) are also handled by us. In addition, we also provide independent software solutions such as Biometric Logon, WebAPI etc.

At Secugen India, we have several decades of biometric expertise coupled with a deep understanding of the Aadhaar ecosystem. SecuGen products such as the Hamster Pro20 fingerprint scanners are STQC certified for use in Aadhaar based applications. Secugen India also provides the Registered Device (RD) service which is essential for all Aadhaar-based applications on Android, Windows and Linux. With a wealth of experience in biometric applications across sectors like telecom, banking, insurance and public distribution systems, Secugen India is best suited to serve your needs for both Aadhaar and non-Aadhaar based applications.